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This page is called About Us.  But it really should be called About You.

Registered Agent 4 Life is totally dedicated to transforming the Registered Agent business by dealing with our clients in a very simple, and very fair way.

One payment for Lifetime Service.

Look, this business has its ins and outs, and its rules and procedures just like any other.  Virtually all reputable Registered Agents do a competent job in keeping the client safe from missed filing deadlines and notifying the client should anything, like a lawsuit filing, arise and need to be dealt with in a timely manner.  Like having a Free phone consultation with a Lawyer should you ever get sued while you’re our client.

The difference is, we don’t think it’s worth all the money that some people pay year after year after year.

So, we came up with the concept of a lifetime of service and peace-of-mind for $499.

We think you, the client, will appreciate this and, because you’re happy, you’ll tell some of your business owner friends about RA4L.

And this word-of-mouth, viral marketing, will keep our costs low so we can keep our price super low.

Thanks to all those who’ve already referred our services, and thanks to all you who’ll recommend us in the future.


Craig Huxford


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